IM001414Patio and Screen Enclosures South Florida

There is probably nowhere else in the country fit for sun rooms more than South Florida. Sun rooms are basically an outdoor living space made of glass and a screen, and they sit on a wood or concrete made foundation. Some other terms for these rooms include: solariums, sun rooms, a Florida rooms, Screen rooms, or patio enclosures. The glass walls allow for more sunlight entering the space, and protect you from bugs and certain weather conditions. Sun rooms are made primarily of single or double pane glass, and when designed, they should be designed in a way to mimic the look of your home. If you want to add value and improve the home, adding a sun room is a popular way of doing so, and are an affordable means to add more living space to the home. With these rooms, you can enjoy sunlight, in a comfortable indoor setting. And, depending on the format you choose, they can either be made as a 3 season or year round room, which will increase resale value when you choose to sell the home.

Some benefits with these rooms include the fact that:

  • They are available in sand or white colors.
  • They offer a beautiful finish inside and out on the roof.
  • With an enamel finish, they are maintenance free, and never require painting.
  • You can have them custom made and professionally installed.
  • Screened kneewall or aluminum materials are available.
  • Custom sizing, with up to 48′ walls, and swing styled doors.
  • You can add sliding glass doors and windows if your budget can handle these upgrades.
  • It is a great investment, and truly adds to the value of your home.
  • No heavy equipment is needed, your landscaping remains intact, and it takes only a matter of days to install.
  • Durable aluminum is used to make all frames.
  • Baked on enamel means no corrosion and durable impact resistant finishes.
  • A 15 year manufacturer warranty is offered; and,
  • Special order features, like small mesh windows, are available with special orders.

Pool Enclosure

If you want to enjoy the outdoors, without the bugs, debris, and insects, you can with a pool enclosure; this addition also means fewer pool chemicals are needed, since you can better maintain the cleanliness. The barrier also protects from the kids getting too close, and possibly having an accident or falling in when you aren’t around.

When you buy your enclosures from us, you get quality extrusions, beams, columns, and screening. Through bolted connections means additional safety, and 2/8 stainless steel wedged anchors makes it easier and safer to fasten columns in to the concrete base. Power coated white and bronze finishes means easy maintenance, longevity, and quality finishes.

With an open design you can bring your outdoor space in, and expand the living area with the pool space. During a cooler afternoon, you can open the windows and enjoy the nice breeze. If you have an existing structure that has been damaged, you can call use to repair, reinforce, or re-screen it for you.

Benefits of screen enclosures include:

  • Adding more space to the home.
  • Bringing the outdoors in and keeping bugs out.
  • You can bring the garden inside, and enjoy outdoor meals.
  • Create a TV or music room, family or game room, or a breakfast area.
  • You can make a space for the kids or play with pets.
  • Use it as an exercise room or a place for your afternoon naps; and,
  • You can use it as a work space, or for additional outdoor entertainment for parties or other gatherings.