A stunning fencing option that JDP Construction offers is the wrought iron fence. Iron fences are a timeless option that has tremendous appeal for many in South Florida.

Iron fence installation

Iron fence installation

The Benefits of Residential Iron Fences in Florida

Beauty. Wrought iron fences have an aesthetic that range from rustic to elegant. Iron fences add a touch of artistry to their utility. These fences are more than just an enclosure; they become an anchor within the landscape. In addition, the transparent nature of an iron fence allows the beauty of Florida to be seen on both sides.

Strength and Durability.  Iron fences can last a long time, if properly maintained. Iron fences age beautifully and simply require a little maintenance. In Florida, regular semiannual inspections to look for areas that need refinishing prevents corrosion and ensures the life of the fence.

Security. Nothing beats the security of a wrought iron fence. Iron fences cannot be cut, bent, or broken. The slender vertical rods and spear-like finials of an iron fence deter attempts to scale it.

Uses of Residential Iron Fences in Florida

Iron fences can be used in a number of different ways, including, but are not limited to:

  • Driveway fence and gate. A common use is an iron fence and gate which control access to the driveway and thereby enhance security, protect children and pets, and significantly increase the property value.
  • Pool or garden fence. Iron fences are a favorite to enclose a pool or garden. A built-in lock in an iron gate adds security, and the black iron serves as a stunning backdrop to both environs.
  • Perimeter fence. The durability and security advantages of an iron fence make it ideal to run around a property, providing the budget allows for it.
  • Courtyard fence. Iron fences can be used to create livable outside spaces. This is especially lovely in Florida where iron fences to not obscure the view.

Hire an Iron Fence Contractor for Installation

Due to the heavy nature of an iron fence, it is recommended that you use a professional contractor for installation. JDP Construction has certified experts that can walk you through all the options available, help you design your ideal iron fence, ensure proper placement, and manage the project from budget to construction.

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