For a heavier duty option, JDP Construction offers commercial grade fences. These fences can be used in the commercial sector, on ranches or farms, or for residential applications where the heavier grade makes sense.

Commercial fence installation at JDP Construction

Commercial fence installation at JDP Construction

The Key Benefits of Commercial Fences in Florida

Diverse Materials and Appearance. There are commercial grade fences made from iron, wood, aluminum, vinyl, chain link and more. The major difference is that they are a heftier weight and the cost reflects it. Commercial fences can vary in style and appearance as dramatically as a residential fence.

Commercial Benefits.  Commercial fences help mitigate a business owner’s commercial liability by creating a safe protected environment, deterring thieves, and controlling traffic.

Residential Benefits. Commercial fences can be ideal for residential use. For example, they can be used along a public sidewalk or for added security. If the homeowner wishes the fence to stand out rather than blend in, a commercial fence’s larger structure would be ideal. If it is being used around a large multi-level home the commercial grade may look better. It would also be useful in cases where the fence comes in contact with large animals, such as horses.

Uses of Commercial Fences in Florida

Commercial fences can be used in the following:

  • Driveway or Parking Lot Fence and Gate. Commercial gates come in many styles, such as rolling, sliding, and swing gates. They serve as access points and control traffic as needed.
  • Provide Perimeter Security. Regardless of commercial or residential application, commercial fences provide excellent security.
  • Segment Sites and Define Boundaries. Commercial fences can be used to delineate specific areas, like where the public is allowed versus the employees.
  • Playground Fence. Commercial fences are ideal for use around child care businesses, schools, and neighborhood playgrounds.

Hire a Commercial Fence Contractor for Installation

Due to the specialized nature and customization of commercial fences, it is recommended that you hire a professional contractor for installation. In Florida, a fence contractor must be certified and qualified to fabricate, assemble, erect and install fences of all kinds in accordance with local zoning regulations. JDP Construction has expert fence contractors that will walk you through the options available, help you design your ideal fence, keep within your budget, and manage the project from start to finish.

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