Chain link fence installation

Chain link fence installation

A hugely popular fencing option that JDP Construction offers is the chain link fence. This simple fence is recognizable by the way the steel wires entwine around each other, creating an open diamond-shaped weave. Many factors make chain link fences an ideal choice for use in Florida.

The Benefits of Residential Chain Link Fences in Florida

Low Cost and Ease of Installation. One factor that makes a chain link fence so popular in Florida is the comparative low cost.  The cost of a chain link fence runs significantly lower than other fencing materials and is simple to install.

Design flexibility.  Chain link fences offer great flexibility. Height and length are customizable. There are plenty of accessories, such as balls, finials, and post caps that add character and elegance. In addition, chain link fences come in different colors and weathering treatments. Also, the privacy level of a chain link fence can be adjusted through privacy slats that come in varying colors and materials.

Low Maintenance. The steel in a chain link fence is typically galvanized, causing it to withstand Florida weather beautifully. A chain link fence requires practically no attention and will not rot or suffer from a pest infestation.

Uses of Residential Chain Link Fences in Florida

The use of chain link fencing includes, but is not limited to, the following options:

  • Driveway fence and gate. Having a fence and gate control access to the driveway of a property enhances security, protects children and pets, increases property value, and helps deter unwanted visitors.
  • Composite fence. A chain link fence can be blended with other fencing materials, enhancing appearance while keeping cost down.
  • Estate fence. Chain link fences are ideal for surrounding an entire property.
  • Garden fence and trellis. The open weave of a chain link fence is perfect to use around a garden as it provides a sturdy structure for climbing plants without blocking sunlight.

Hire a Chain Link Fence Contractor for Installation

While installing chain link fences is relatively easy, it is always best to hire a professional contractor. JDP Construction will walk you through all the options available, help you design your ideal fence, keep within your budget, and manage the project from ordering the materials to the last finishing touch.

We service the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

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