Hurricanes are part of life when you live in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Coral Springs, Hollywood, or other areas in South Florida. Part of the hurricane preparedness is to protect your home and windows. Are your existing doors and windows resilient to winds of a hurricane?

Accordion Shutters InstallationAccordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion shutters provide outstanding protection against hurricanes at the best cost. These shutters are easy to use, they are durable and versatile and they can be installed on nearly any kind of building. Accordion Hurricane shutters are usually manufactured with a double locking handle which allows you to close and open them from outside or inside as the window type permits. All the L-handles usually lock using a key for added protection and security. The high velocity Accordion shutters are permanently part of any building and they can easily be opened or closed by one individual. This is the reason why Accordion shutter have become the industry standard.

Characteristics of Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters Installation

Accordion shutters are strong and offer maximum security. You can also operate these shutters from either inside or outside of your house. Accordion shutters are available in four standard colors which are beige, bronze, ivory and white. This type of shutter is also available in unlimited width although you will get it only in height of 12′. Moreover, Accordion shutters are available in concealed floor tracks. These shutters are normally useful for masonry, concrete and frame construction. Another characteristic is that curved area requires storm protection. Lastly, you can operate these shutters outside or inside of your house.

Accordion Shutters Specifications

Accordion Shutters InstallationJDP Construction provides a accordion shutters in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida which surpasses all building code requirements. Accordion products have been impact tested and wind loads thus certified for category five hurricane winds. Due to the ease of operating these shutters, it usually makes it practical to close them over the weekend when you are going away thus securing your business or home from any invaders. Shutters normally offer continued protection from burglary after a devastating storm. The recently designed shutters have a lesser profile and are stored in smaller spaces.