Reuters recently reported that hurricane-season has finally arrived in Florida, which brings into question if the state-controlled insurance system is as ready as it can be. To minimize the state’s expenditures in recovering from hurricane damages, Governor Rick Scott recently passed a law that would cut the coverage of the Citizens Property Insurance in the hopes of encouraging people to go for private insurance instead. The state can now only cover $700,000 per home instead of $2 million.

There is still debate whether this law is for the good of all Floridians, but nobody can deny the fact that a hurricane can leave a trail of devastation that is very expensive to recover from. As such, homeowners are advised to do whatever they can in their power to minimize the losses that their homes can sustain. One way this can be done is by having hurricane shutters in Florida installed by guys like JDP Construction.

The rationale behind these impact home fixtures is that windows need to be protected simply because they are one of the most vulnerable parts of a home that directly open to external weather elements. However, it is also worth noting that windows can also be a source of potentially lethal shrapnel and debris if they were blown away by high-gale, hurricane winds. This is arguably more apparent in Florida since 79 percent of its residential and commercial properties lie along the coast where the winds are strongest.

Fortunately for homeowners, there are various kinds of hurricane shutters available to them that can fit their needs and budget. Rolldown and accordion shutters offer durability and ease-of-use, and since Florida’s coastal properties are weighted at a whopping $3 trillion, they are cost-effective—almost mandatory—tools, not only to protect people, but also to safeguard this hefty investment.

Despite the presence of shutters, many windows can still be damaged by the sheer force of the most powerful hurricanes (like Katrina). You should, therefore, also think about other forms of protection like hurricane impact windows in Coral Springs to complement your hurricane shutters. Contact reputable home improvement contractors like JDP Construction for the most likely options for your home.

In essence, the best way for Floridians to recover quickly from powerful hurricanes is to act now while there’s still time. There might not be a truly infallible way to storm-proof a house, but there are various home additions that can be used to give citizens the next best thing. The money that you spend now may be the only thing that can prevent you from losing more money in the event that the hurricanes start coming.