On a rainy day, you may think nothing of your windows as the rain lightly sprinkles down. You’re able to read a good book or eat a fulfilling meal. Although strong hurricanes happen rarely, if you live in Ft. Lauderdale you will likely find a reason to have these shutters attached to your home eventually. Hurricane shutters are a cure to the flying objects and heavy winds created by these fierce storms in and around Florida. There is becoming a more and more widespread need to take extra precautions when it comes to protecting your home from natural disasters. There have been many storms here in which a mayor or other official makes the call for your home to be boarded up. This would leave you and your loved ones in a state of panic wondering if they plywood would hold, while leaving and expecting the worst.

Who is JDP Remodeling, and who needs hurricane shutters in Fort Lauderdale FL?

Ultimately wondering if the worst damages will happen from broken windows and water leaks, you’re stuck at a crossroads, either upgrade your housing protection against hurricanes, or fall behind the times. The Company that can make your needs work for you is right around the corner, offering the most quality work from sunscreen installations to fences and driveways. JDP Remodeling offers just that, but what has given them their name in the face of natural disasters, is their ability to adapt to any interior or exterior job needed in any particular circumstance. JDP Remodeling has quite a few locations they serve in the Florida area including Fort Lauderdale.

What exactly is a Hurricane Impact Window?

So the question really is, what is a “Hurricane Impact Window”, and why do I need it? These hurricane type barriers are state of the art, and generally there are three different kinds, all offering different quality protection. The first is considered a type of Plywood setup, using a direct mount or more preferably on tracks, allows for the easy assembly/dis-assembly of your external protection. Secondly, a form of metal such as aluminum, created into a accordion-like shape, using vertical blades that interlock upon a center connection that bind your window together rather successfully. The third has successfully proven to withstand many levels of hurricane winds and other unfortunate problems. This is the Rolling Shutter. This type of shutter offers a series of slats in which while rolled by guide rails, are geared either manually or automatically into a system to prevent a leakage and broken windows.

The Ultimate Question: Hurricane Shutters in Fort Lauderdale FL or Not?

When it comes to your family’s safety, why put it at risk when you can begin to make preparations beforehand? Remember that, hurricane shutters for people in Fort Lauderdale FL are just the beginning, but JDP Remodeling is here for you and your family. Request a Quote today, let’s make your family’s home as safe as possible to stand up to next year’s hurricanes.