Protecting your home from a superstorm, especially a Category 5 hurricane, is a seemingly next to impossible task. However, according to an article by Craig Guillot, posted by FoxBusiness News, there are many products in the market that can help homeowners reduce the storm’s adverse effects. In the process, it could save them a lot of money in expensive repairs and insurance costs.

This can be especially essential in areas where hurricanes are considered part of life, such as the South Floridian city of Ft. Lauderdale. Most of these products are affordable to many homeowners and can withstand the impact of any major hurricane. These include hurricane shutters in Florida that come in various types, like accordion shutters and roll down shutters, and can be installed by companies such as JDP Construction, Inc.

The article quotes Claire Wilkinson, vice president for global issues at the Insurance Information Institute, as saying that people should never be complacent with forecasts of an average hurricane season. In 1992, for example, an average hurricane season was predicted, but Hurricane Andrew caused widespread havoc that resulted in more than $23 billion in property damage. Hence, using various products for home protection is encouraged to reduce the risk of major losses from these often unpredictable weather systems.

While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issues regular forecasts on the number of storms the Atlantic hurricane season will likely spawn in a year, it’s only a prediction. In this age of climate change, you can never be sure of the strength of any storm and the impact it would bring to any area. Like good Boy Scouts, homeowners must always be prepared to protect their homes from any unexpected event.

The good news is, according to Ms. Wilkinson, using reliable hurricane shutters in Ft Lauderdale and other Floridian cities offers homeowners discount opportunities from various insurance carriers. Other risk-reducing products include certain types of roof coverings and the manner in which the roof is attached to the building structure. On the other hand, Ms. Wilkinson added that retrofitting homes against hurricane damage can be expensive, so a good way around it is to do it in stages.

What is important, according to Leslie Chapman-Henderson, president of the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, is for homeowners to select products that are tested and approved. Insurance companies across the nation see the value of having these products installed in homes and offer programs to encourage homeowners to use them. While insurance discounts may vary by state and carrier, the fact is that these products, if installed by professional companies like JDP Construction, Inc., can provide homeowners not only with savings but adequate protection when nature strikes with a vengeance.