Know Your Contractor!

Know Your ContractorKnow Your Contractor Before a Job is Done

You’ve heard the horror stories of homeowners shelling out thousands of dollars for projects that end up cracked, or not completed at all. There are many people that try to scam unsuspecting customers because of their lack of observation or research skills. Don’t be a victim, but empower yourself about the construction industry to find a fantastic contractor that takes pride in his work.

Check Licensing and Insurance Before Hiring a Contractor

Every quality contractor has a current license and insurance. Ask for the information, and copy it. Call the local licensing agency and the insurance company. Check that you know the contractor has a current policy, and even the history. If a contractor has been licensed for 10 years, for example, they have been in business long enough to generate great projects for multiple clients.

Referrals Galore

Take time out of your busy schedule, and talk to friends or family about their contractor experiences. Word-of-mouth is still a powerful thing. One bad experience can tell you that you should move on to other contractor bids. It is even more beneficial to talk to local tradespeople. Roofers and plumbers, for example, know contractors through their daily rounds. Ask your favorite plumber about their suggestions for a contractor. You may find a diamond in the rough with this referral strategy.

Beware of Cash Red Flags

Quality contractors take both cash and credit cards. If you discover that a contractor is asking for cash only, you may need to be cautious. They can be completely legitimate if they ask for cash only, but in percentage increments. For example, you pay 20 […]

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JDP Construction Introduces New Remodeling Services

May 24, 2013:

JDP Construction Introduces New Remodeling Services

JDP Construction Inc., a renowned name when it comes to home remodeling services in the Broward County area, today announced the introduction of a range of new services related to the field. Speaking on the occasion, a representative of the company said, “We are extremely excited to announce the introduction of new remodeling services for Broward County residents. A few of these include Driveways, Pool Decks, Fences and Hurricane Impact Windows among others.” He further added, “With the introduction, we hope to offer the same level of service, quality and support for which we have been known for the last three decades.”

If experts are to be believed, a range of offerings by the company ensures that the clients get everything they need at one place. That along with expertise and quality offered has been the major reasons behind the growth of the company in recent past. Ryan, a remodeling expert said, “Just have a look at the portfolio as well as the services offered by JDP Construction. They are into home decoration as well as offering protective installations to minimize the effects of hurricanes and other natural disasters. Add to that around 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. Why would anybody look for an alternative?”

According to the sources, some of the services offered by the company include shutters, screen rooms, impact windows, fences, drive ways and pool decks among others. The company is also offering 100 percent finance option with zero down payment as well as free written estimates. Ryan added, “What makes the deal a lot sweeter is the fact that JDP Construction is offering $500 off on any job that costs […]

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